This component is an internal component, please do not use it directly.

Page-level skeleton screen, does not support customization

Installation and initialization

import Skeleton from '@ant-design/pro-skeleton';
return <Skeleton type="list" />;



Results page

Details page


parameterdescriptiontypedefault value
typeDifferent types of skeleton screens'list' | 'result' | 'descriptions'list
activeWhether to show dynamicbooleantrue
pageHeaderWhether to display pageHeader's skeleton screen descriptions and list are valid--
statisticnumber of statistic skeleton screensnumber | false-
listskeleton screen of the list, you can control the numbernumber | false-
toolbarAction bar skeleton screen of the listboolean-
renderFormItemCustomize the dom performance under mode=update or edit, generally used to render edit boxes--
renderCustomize the dom performance under mode=read, which is just a simple form of expression--